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What We Offer

Daft Landscape Construction & Waterproofing Solutions LLC specializes in transforming outdoor areas into stunning, functional spaces while ensuring their durability against environmental challenges. Focusing on innovation and quality, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to each unique landscape, providing the expertise and care needed to turn your vision into a beautiful, lasting reality.

Retaining Walls
We provide custom retaining wall solutions to enhance aesthetic appeal while ensuring structural stability. Our walls effectively combat erosion and manage soil, adaptable to various landscapes. Each of our projects is a perfect combination of form and function, and we use high-quality materials to ensure they last.
Luxury hardscapes in Pittsburgh PA
We install custom hardscapes and outdoor living spaces. Our spaces will give you the luxury resort feel in your own backyard. Sipping your morning coffee while you hear the sound of a cascading waterfall is pure serenity.

Excavation Services

To meet the demands of your property, we offer excavation services that are both efficient and accurate. Our team is well-versed in grading, trenching, and site preparation; we comply with all applicable safety and environmental regulations when we lay the groundwork for any landscaping or building project.
Foundation Waterproofing
To prevent buildings from becoming damaged by water, we provide thorough waterproofing services. Our skilled team applies advanced techniques and high-quality materials to seal basements, decks, and roofs, ensuring long-term resilience against moisture, leaks, and mold, thus preserving the integrity and value of your property.
We excel in creating effective drainage solutions tailored to diverse landscapes. Our services prevent water accumulation, protect structures, and maintain soil integrity. Using innovative techniques, we ensure proper water flow and management, enhancing the longevity and health of your property's landscape and foundation.
Foundation Repair
We offer reliable foundation repair services in McKees Rocks, PA, ensuring long-lasting durability and safety with our professional and customized repair.
Epoxy Flooring
We provide exceptional epoxy flooring services in McKees Rocks, PA, with durable, stylish, and custom-designed flooring solutions installed by expert professionals.
Concrete Coating
We offer premier concrete coating services in McKees Rocks, PA, providing top-quality, durable solutions with custom-designed coatings for your properties.

EPDM Rubber Surfacing

We offer premium rubber surfacing services in McKees Rocks, PA, with our custom designs to enhance aesthetics and value with our expert installation.
Landscape Design
We offer exceptional landscape design services in McKees Rocks, PA, transforming spaces into stunning environments that elevate your property's value and aesthetics.
French Drains
We specialize in the installation of French drains, an efficient solution for resolving standing water and drainage issues. Waterlogging and soil erosion are both prevented by our system's ability to channel water away from buildings. Tailored to your landscape's needs, our approach ensures a dry, healthy outdoor space.