Frequently Asked Questions

We use a range of excavation equipment, including excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and more, depending on the project’s requirements and size.

Before excavation, clear the area of any obstacles, mark utility lines, and secure any necessary permits. We’ll guide you through the preparation process.

You should consider installing a drainage system if you experience pooling water, soggy yards, or basement leaks during heavy rainfall. Proper drainage can prevent property damage.

Time required is related to project size and complexity. We operate effectively to meet agreed-upon schedules and present estimates throughout the consultation phase.

Brick, concrete blocks, timber, and natural stone are some available materials for retaining walls. For each job, we will assist you in selecting the optimal choice.

Yes, there are various waterproofing systems, including interior and exterior solutions. Your budget and the location of the water infiltration source are two considerations that should guide your decision. We can help you decide.

Yes, we often combine services to provide comprehensive solutions. For example, combining retaining walls with drainage systems can enhance aesthetics and functionality.

You should check for damage or wear on your retaining wall on a regular basis. Promptly address any issues and consider routine maintenance to ensure its durability.