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Daft Landscape Construction and Waterproofing Solutions LLC is a family owned and operated business serving Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive range of specialized services. We specialize in customized Hardscaping, concrete coatings, EPDM rubber surfacing, waterproofing, foundation reinforcing, French drains and storm water control.  We cater to both residential and commercial clients focusing on quality and durability. We stay up to date on all industry standards and regulations to ensure we bring you the best product possible.

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Our Commitment to Your Unique Outdoor Spaces

Our dedication to providing personalized solutions distinguishes us from competitors. Every property has its unique set of perks and drawbacks, and we know this. With cutting-edge tools and premium materials, our experienced professionals collaborate directly with every customer. We ensure every project meets and exceeds expectations, balancing aesthetic appeal with practicality. We create beautiful landscapes and strong, long-lasting bonds with our clients. We aim to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that stand the test of time, reflecting our dedication to excellence built on trust, excellence, and a firm commitment to improving and protecting your outdoor environments.